Saturday, 31 March 2012

HAWP: Best Games Of 2011.

So this is really late, but they aren't posting HAWP as often as they used to, my guess is that they both have jobs now and just don't have the time.  Anyways here's the new episode.


Game Of Thrones Maps.

By J.E. Fullerton


Scott Pilgrim In Colour!

Currently the Scott Pilgrim comics, which are more like Canadian Mangas, are printed in black and white and the paper stock is meh.  But it's just been announced that the stories will be reprinted!  In Colour!  In a hardcover format!  Do want.  Check out some preview images below.


DoTA 2 Avatars.

While searching the web I found these, they're quite wonderful and made by someone named Adam Mcbeamish. Here are my favourites but you can see them all at his blog.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Skyrim: Hoarders.


Avengers. Toys. Rap.

I'm not hip with what the kids are into these days, but apparently rap is still high on their list of rad happenings. 



New WebComic Wednesday: RiGBY the Barbarian

Most likely not a thing I'll be able to keep going but regardless, it is Wednesday and I have found a webcomic that is worth a look. This one is called RiGBY the Barbarian and it's funny, it's got dinosaurs and the art is very pretty.

Start the comic here.

Game Of Thrones S02E01 Clips.

These clips don't reveal much of episode 1 of season 2 but nevertheless, if you wish to remain unspoiled about anything going into the episode then disregard these, but if you'd like a taste of the awesomeness of Tyrion turned up to 11 then enjoy at least the first two.


Viral Videos In Minecraft.

Pretty much what the title says.


Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer.

Starring April from Parks and Rec so watch it already.


Rise Of The Guardians Trailer.

This one looks great, made by the same team that did How to Train Your Dragon, this one looks amazing. Russian Santa is now canon.


The Art Of Portal 2

Halcyon Realms has a review of the Portal 2 Artbook, check it out over here if you're interested. The game was gorgeous so I can only image how amazing the art of would be.